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Work On Basement Apartment Floor Plans

Living inside the basement apartment means that you do not have to take care of the plants, yet you can still count on the security. So, you should consider to have the basement apartment floor plans in order to make your life under ground even more comfortable. This is important since you do not get the chance to have the sunbathing every morning, although you can still manage to have the ventilation for the air circulation. The advantage is that the fact that you do not have to clean a bigger place, since the apartment is usually not built in such a wide space.

basement apartment design ideas

Basement Apartment Design Ideas

It doesn’t matter how narrow your space is, but as long as you can maintain to have the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and also the living room to be existed there. It is about the division. Once you enter the basement, you can go with the kitchen and the bathroom directly. If possible, go add your laundry area there. Then, you can manage to have some space for the living room with a very comfy sofa to watch the TV shows with your friends. You do not have to worry about the dining room as you can eat on the sofa and nobody told you not to do so!

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Basement Apartment Floor Plans
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Basement Apartment Design Ideas

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