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How You Should Locate Laundry Room?

Laundry room plays an important role in the house especially for those who like to do laundry themselves. Even though people like to spent more their time in the laundry room, sometimes people just place it in the small area or corner of rooms that make it uncomfortable to use. For make the room more effective, some homeowners commonly build a laundry room that integrated with kitchen and bathroom.  To make your laundry room more effective and comfortable to use you should know the exact part of house that is suitable for it. That is why you need to make laundry room floor plans.

laundry room floor plans

Laundry Room Floor Plans

Homeowners commonly choose basement for laundry room. Since nowadays there are many quieter washing machines, and then they start to place it in their living area such as kitchen and bathroom. If your kitchen is quite spacious perhaps you can use one third area of your kitchen as laundry room. The other choice is by integrating it with bathroom. Use one side of bathroom to place the closet, bathtub, and any other bathing needs furniture. Then, you can use the across side as the laundry room. You may also allocate small place separated with other room for it.

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